Satan will not get an advantage! By Elaine Davenport (Monday, August 6, 2007)

Teach me good judgement and knowledge for I have believed thy commandments. PSALM 119: 66

Dear Heavenly Father, I have believed your commandments and I have ingrained them. I pray today for good judgement in the tasks that I undertake and for the challenges that I face. I pray for a special level of knowledge. I specifically pray for the ability to speak at the proper exact time, for the ability to be quiet at the exact proper time. I know that You have anointed my head and that I am protected in the midst of all mine adversaries and I know that I walk in your shadow. I am asking you to help me to carefully select my words so that they will not be misinterpreted so that Satan would not have an advantage. I thank you that ministering angels go forth to prepare a way for me and that favor not only surrounds me but it also envelopes me. In Jesus Name I ask and pray. Amen.


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