You’re “good enough” to be Healed by Elaine Davenport (Monday, December 31, 2007)


A few years ago, I stayed in the bed for about three days and couldn’t get up. I was depressed even though it had never posed a challenge to me. That’s a fact. Here I was on fire for God, getting to know Him, making God first in my life, building my faith and chained to the bed.

I don’t live alone, so my family filed in one by one to ask if I was okay. My response was a lie: “I just need a little rest.” As I lay there I realized things weren’t going to get better.

Have you heard of a physical assault? Have you heard of verbal abuse? Well, this was spiritual abuse and emotional torture. I had an uninvited guest over who didn’t want to leave. The devil was reminding me of something terrible from my past which wasn’t my fault, but it happened. Not enough to make anyone feel sorry for me, but enough to make someone say: “That wasn’t too smart.” It’s in the past.

Worse than the reminder; the devil had rewrote history and made it sound worse than it truly was. It’s times like that when you have to wake up and take some action.

This kind of torment is a form of fear. Maybe the fear is that someone will find out the secret or just fear that God won’t forgive you. Whatever it is; it’s a lie. Fear is the opposite of faith. God said He’s remember our sins no more and Christ redeemed us believers who have given our lives to him. The bible says if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse
us of all unrighteousness.

The enemy will convince some people that they don’t deserve to be healed because of sin. However, God’s right standing is a free gift that doesn’t have to be earned. I encourage you today to get into the Word of God and make yourself familiar with the promises of God. It will set you free when you know the truth. The bible says so.

P.S. I did get up off the bed by praising God and I “never” let the devil do that to me again!

Offense Can Block The Blessing by Elaine Davenport (Saturday, December 29, 2007)

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Jesus came to do miracles in the earth. He performed so many that many of them have not been carefully studied; but they bear our attention. In this lesson, Jesus encounters a funeral procession and stops in. In a short moment he finds out that the dead man was his grieving mother’s only child and he raises him from the dead. Jesus was moved with compassion to do this! It shows that he is touched by our circumstances.

John The Baptist hears about these miracles while he is in jail. John calls two disciples and assigns them to go investigate with instructions. After that the disciples approach Jesus. Obviously, they’ve heard about him and witnessed the miracles for themselves. They approach Jesus and ask: Are you the “One” who was prophesied to come or should we continue to look for another? He replies that not only is he the “One” but he instructs them to go tell John what they saw and tells them to also report that those who are not offended or act offended by the signs, wonders and miracles or by him.


As we approach a New Year, it’s always good to be mindful of giving people the befit of the doubt or taking the high road in situations. Our patience, our thoughtfulness, our willingness to do this can not only produce a Blessing for ourselves but also for others. I encourage you to take the high road when it comes to Jesus and to let nothing (politics, divisions, offense, misunderstandings, etc.) get in your way.


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For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. Isaiah 41: 13

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10 Steps To A Good Day! by Elaine Davenport (Tuesday, December 25, 2007)


Today is a good day to take an assessment of where we are. Let’s look at a few things:

1. It’s a good day to look at where we will be for eternity. It all starts by making a choice. We either choose heaven or we choose hell; the eternal (forever lasting) lake of fire)

2. It’s a good day to start making some smart faith choices. For instance if you’re expecting or wanting to be healed; make a decision to get some healing scriptures, read them meditate upon the, get before God, develop a prayer life…find out God’s plan for “your” life…IF IT SEEMS LIKE TOO MUCH WORK…you have to decide if it’s worth it to you. It was to me and I’m not much different than you.

3. It’s a good day to ensure that everything you say and do is based on Love. A good compass is: “What would Jesus Do?

4. It’s a great day to begin a life of humility. Being humble is hard for some people as a lifestyle. Humility is total submission. Get before God, He’ll show you how. Your ability to be humble can lead you to paths that you never dreamed of.

5. It’s a great day to change. It’s a great day to say: “I’m not thinking about whether I’ll do what God wants me to do. I’m going to Do what He wants me to do! Obedience is cool in God’s eyes!

6. It’s a good day to start to make certain that God always comes first in our lives. I put God first and He put me first.

7. It’s a good day to stop trying to get the approval of others. Please God and He’ll give you favor with the right people.

*I learned a lesson recently; let me give you a metaphor: If you put 20 people in a coral and talking to them about an important matter…they might all come to the point where they totally agree with you. Whew! If that’s important…However, five minutes later…take a poll; you’ll find someone who says: “Sorry, I changed my mind. (lol)

8. Love God like you never have before…I can’t think of anyone who loves you like HIm!

9. Make a plan to start a ministry of some sort, reach out to your community, find a way to help people in another part of the world! Make a difference! Ask God, He’ll show you a way.

10. Enhance your prayer life! Add to it, spend more time more often praying. Guaranteed your life will change. Start reading the bible during your prayer time and watch what happens.



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