DECREE! DECREE! DECREE YOUR HEALING! by Elaine Davenport Monday, December 29, 2008


In every speech class they generally require that every student give a persuasive speech.  It teaches each person to be convincing.  In order to be convincing you have to believe what you’re saying.  That is similar to the premise of speaking your faith.  It builds you up.  It gets in your heart.  I have spoken to many people over the years on the faith trail and I’ve seen the power of the spoken Word.
It’s time to start speaking out loud some declarations of faith regarding healing; I’ve done it.

By Jesus’ stripes I am healed. (1Peter 2:24)

It is God’s will that I prosper and be in health, just as my soul prospers. (3John 2)

The Lord is my healer: (Ex. 15:26)

Healing is one of God’s benefits. (Ps. 103:3)

God sent His Word and healed me. (Ps. 107:20)

I pay attention to God’s Word, for it is life to my body and health to my flesh. (Prov. 4:20-22)

God gives me good and perfect gifts. He has no sickness or disease to give me. (James 1:17)

As I submit to God and resist the devil, he must flee from me. Sickness and disease must flee from me. (James 4:7)

The blessings of Abraham have come upon me. (Deu. 28:1-14)

Jesus legally redeemed me from the bondage of sickness and disease and every other work of the enemy. (Luke 13:10-17)

Jesus bore my griefs (sicknesses) and carried my sorrows (pains). (Is. 53:4)

Jesus was wounded, bruised, and beaten for my sins, sicknesses, and diseases. (Is.53:5)

I discern the Lord’s body and receive all that He has provided for me, including healing for my physical body. (1Cor.11:23-30)

Because my faith is growing, nothing is impossible unto me. (Matt. 17:20)

I will rise above anything and everything the devil throws at me. Nothing can keep me down, for I am more that a conqueror in Christ Jesus. (Rom. 8:35-39)

Today I will rise to new life from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept me. (Is. 60:1)

Jesus is the author of abundant life, while it is Satan who steals kills, and destroys. (John 10:10)

My obedience to the Lord prolongs my life. (Prov. 10:27)

Healing Rain by Michael W. Smith (Music Video) Saturday, December 27, 2008


Put Your Hands In The Hand by Donny Hathaway (Music Video) Friday, December 26, 2008


Do You Need A Miracle? by Jeanniene Lee Wednesday, December 24, 2008





By: Jeanniene Lee

That is exactly what Joel Osteen’s mother, Dodie Osteen, needed when she was diagnosed with cancer.  She needed a miracle, and she got just that.  Dodie Osteen was totally healed of cancer and is still healed today?

Do you need a miracle?  What area of your life are you needing a “supernatural, divine intervention in?”  With the global economy in chaos, do you need a financial miracle?  Does your bank account, retirement account,  or investment accounts need to be healed and restored by the power of God?  What about healing in your physical body?  Have you been diagnosed with an incurable disease?  How are your relationships?  Do you need your marriage or relationships healed and restored?  What areas of your life are you needing a miracle in?  No matter what you are facing today, you too can experience a miracle!!!  God is still performing miracles today!  In fact, He wants to perform a miracle for you TODAY!!!

Dodie Osteen discovered the master key, which positioned her for a miracle.  You can too!!!  In my new release “Words of Wisdom for Health and Healing” I impart to you the “master key” that will position you to receive miracles in every single area of your life. . .financially, emotionally, physically, in your relationships, etc.

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This anointed new CD has transformed lives around the world.  We have received testimonies from around the world of supernatural interventions and miracles.  We have received testimonies of healing from aids, cancer, fear, demonic oppression, barrenness, suicide, to name a few.  Children and adults have both testified of what God has done in their lives as a result of listening to this CD.  Many testimonies have flooded in of marriages and relationships that have been healed.  Couples that could not have a baby, have testified of conception after listening to this anointed new release.  Many have testified that their financial situation was totally transformed.  There are NO LIMITS to what God can do for you TODAY!!!

No matter what you are facing today, you too can experience a miracle!!!  Find out how today!  For additional information and to listen to samples of the various tracks on this powerful, powerful CD, visit us online at:

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Your miracle is waiting for you TODAY!!!!

Heaven on My Mind…I’m Amazed! by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Featuring Jason Crabb Monday, December 22, 2008

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