No longer Blind! by Elaine Davenport Monday, June 22, 2009


It was Friday, May 15th of this year when I noticed a very small problem.  I was planting flowers in the garden.  There appeared out of nowhere a small gray clouded circle covering about five percent of my eye.  I began to pray.  I couldn’t see out the part being covered up; yet I decided to go to the doctor on Monday.  I didn’t want to go to the emergency room, but I later found out that if this ever happens one must go immediately.  I woke up Saturday morning with ten percent of my eye covered.  I reconfirmed with myself that I would definitely go on Monday morning to see my doctor who I trust.  When Sunday morning came fifty percent of my eye was covered and by Monday morning I could see out of about two percent of that eye.  In case you don’t know; that covers  the upper part of the ceiling, nothing else is visible.

My doctor took the whole matter quite seriously.  He sent me to a specialist.  They ran lots of tests and said that my retina was detached.  I saw two more specialists after that and was scheduled for some serious eye surgery.  They do not promise to restore your sight.  There is no way that they can know how it’s going to come out.  My own mother had the surgery a year before me and here recovery was a long and slow process.  Over a year later, she says that she has recovered about 70 % of her sight.  She indicated that there was a lot of peripheral damage as well.

Before my surgery, I went on the Internet to find out about others who may have experienced this same surgery.  Believe it or not, the information was not helpful to me as none of it was written from a faith perspective.  People talked a lot about the high failure of the surgery without details specifically addressing whether or not they followed the doctors instructions.  My mom is a nurse and she followed the doctors instructions meticulously.  I knew that I would have to do the same if I was expecting a good outcome.

On the morning of the surgery; I decided to wake up at 4 am and ask Jesus to do my eye surgery.  I stayed in the bed and prayed while it was done.  I didn’t feel anything at all; I just trusted God.  Around 7am; some of the prayer warriors called to say they’d meet me at the hospital.  It was such a crowd that the nurses said:  “Who are you?”  “I’m just and o0rdinary person.”  I replied and smiled.  My good friend Serena came in and read me the bible while she anointed my eye with oil and prayed.  Several of my friends came in thereafter.  I asked them to please pray for the nurse, doctors and other patients and they did.

While my prayer sisters prayed in the lobby…

I overheard my doctor talking about a simpler procedure to another patient.  The anesthesiologist decided to let me remain awake so on my way into surgery I asked the doctor if I qualified for the new procedure and he said:  “No.”  He explained that my eye was in too bad of a condition for the  simpler surgery with the faster recovery.

However, after the surgery I found out from the doctor that the eye wasn’t as bad as he had originally thought so he gave me the short term gas bubble.
I had to hold my head down for a few days and sleep in a chair at night for two weeks or so.    This gave me plenty of time to Thank God, pray and listen to praise music on my mp3 player.  It wasn’t so bad and  my vision began to come back slowly.  I began a regimen of 101 Healing Confessions written by Brother Keith Moore out of Branson, Missouri.  They were a Blessing to me.  During that time, I also confessed healing for two very dear friends as well.

In two and a half weeks, I got my sight back.  My left eye is still healing however.  I am thankful to God and the entire experience has strengthened my faith.   I am very thankful that I have such a great doctor.

During my recovery, so many people came to see me and sent cards and well wishes.  My friends from the gym came and called, my friends in Christ from prayer, church and even Facebook were so kind.  Thank you guys so much!   Thank you Lord for my healing!    I’mm so glad that I have a covenant.

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