The Thank You Transaction! April 26-May 3, 2010

See…most people want to thank God for their Healing “after” they get it.   But, God says…do it before.   That’s faith!

When we give thanks…something is exchanged!

It was as if something was sitting on me.  I had closed the door to my room and stayed in the bed three days.  A depession of the worst kind had come over me and I had planned to stay there.

Then, I heard an whisper in my heart:

It said:  ” Get up and praise Me!”

“Okay,”  I thought…”I’ll try it.”

In my best mouse sized voice I said:  “Praise You O God!”

It was so faint I tried again …and again…then louder…then louder…

by then I was on my feet…never to get back in again…never to be bound like that.


We could fill a book with what I did not realize!


God was so patient with me.  He was so merciful.  He showed me how to give thanks…He gave me a reason to praise.  He educated me.  He raised me up.  He corrected me.  I understand how Blessed I was.  I recovered.  I made a commitment to minister to others to tell them that I understand and that God does too.  He has delivered us all from not knowing and fear.  He’s a good God!   Oh yes…He is.

What I describe above is no different than a lot of people.  They let the problem get bigger than God.  That’s impossible.

The God I serve is all knowing and all seeing.   You see…He says that he inhabits the praises of His people…and giving thanks leads to praise they are forms of each other…siblings, directly related.

If Thanksgiving is the case…it is also the “evidence” and praise is solid “proof” that the case is valid.

We are not to be ashamed to give thanks unto God.  Especially when it “seems like” there is no reason.  The lack of an apparent reason in the midst of adverse circumstances is merely a smokescreen!   Giving thanks is more than just being polite…it is heartfelt gratitude…it’s like saying:  I’m glad that I have You…I love You…You are always there!   You are my rock!   You I can count on…You I can rely on…Oh…I can’t stop…thanking You because You first loved me…just as I am…shedding Your Blood precious Lord Jesus…the Love of the Father…unfailing…unconditional…Oh the joy of it all!  So wonderful.

See…the devil tried to kill me.  God saved me.  The Blood of Jesus protected me.  They said it might not happen…but it did!

Two questions:

Should I be ashamed for any time that I ever do not want to give thanks?  Yes, I should.  But, at the same time…there is 1 John 1:9 which says:

Does God believe it is a shame if I do not give thanks?  I believe that I can say…it’s a sin and a shame.   Surely it is given to us in scriptures with reason not to ignore it and for us to receive it and do it.


Not being able to give thanks is a symptom of a lack of  understanding of God’s answer provided to us for our freedom…our freedom to break the chains of bondage!  This is so.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NKJV)

Why Healing? by Elaine Davenport April 20-27, 2010

We have a friend who’s name is Rose.  No matter what…she goes out of her way for people.  She never has an excuse.  She’s never too tired, never too busy to help.  I am certain that she gets tired and I am certain that she gets busy…but she pushes everything aside to help when people are in need.  We love to say that her heart is truly the heart of God the Father…she is wired to compassion!

I received a letter not too long ago, it was from someone who is mad at God.  They read the parts of the bible that talked about the wrath of God and got offended…no doubt.  I am certain that is not all.  I do not know their life experiences, the church that they grew up in or even about their upbringing.  But, I know anger when I hear it and I know how people sound when they are oppositional or turned off.

I also know that God is a loving Father who heals.  I must state my case to let you know why I know that God heals.

I was healed by God.  Not once or twice but many times.It’s not as important what I was healed of but it is more important how I got my healings.

First I located God’s manual the bible.  I looked in the Concordance to find Healing Scriptures.   I will list tem at the bottom of the page.   Then I began to read them, study them, think about them, believe them as promises of God and to do it as a habiot several times a day.  As I did this…my faith grew.  Nothing could interfere with that.

So..why healing?   The answer is simple:  It is a promise of God and God says:


Psalms 107:20, “He sent His word and healed them; He rescued them from the grave.”

Here are some healing scriptures that will Bless you:

Romans 8:11 “But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal (Natural, Earthly) bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.” NOTE – Take a close look at this Scripture, this is talking about your body that you have now, not the one you’re going to receive one day in heaven! Allow the Lord to impart His life into you by placing faith in His Word. Begin to praise Him for this promise.

2 Corinthians 4:10-11 “Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus (which was for our victory), that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body. For we which live are always delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh.”Bodily Health!!!

Matthew 6:9-10 “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.” NOTE – Jesus always prays the will of God, and He prays that the will of God be done here on the earth just as it is in heaven. People in heaven are not sick, so we can clearly see it is God’s will that we also be free from sickness and disease.

Deuteronomy 11:21 (If a believer honors God and lives according to the Word, He says…) “That your days may be multiplied, and the days of your children, in the land which the LORD sware unto your fathers to give them, as the days of heaven upon the earth.” NOTE – God’s plan is that His children begin to experience the inheritance of the heavenly life while here on the earth. We’re already His children, and we have been given special rights. Learning to walk in the Word of God, brings the benefits of the Word of God into a living, functioning reality.

Deuteronomy 7:15 “And the LORD will take away from you all sickness, and will afflict you with none of the terrible diseases of Egypt which you have known, but will lay them on all those who hate you.” NOTE – If this was a promise to God’s covenant people under the Old Covenant, how much more does this benefit of health pertain to us today; as we are under the New Covenant which is based upon the precious Blood of Jesus Christ!

Romans 8:32 “He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?” NOTE – Surely this includes healing!!!

Mark 16:17-18 “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name . . . they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” NOTE – Find someone who believes God’s Word regarding healing and have them lay hands on you and pray for you in faith believing. James 5:16 says “that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.” NOTE – The word “wait” in this verse implies a positive action of hope, based on knowing that the Word of God is a true fact and that it will soon come to pass – waiting with earnest expectation!

Psalm 34:19 “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him out of them all.”

Jeremiah 30:17 “For I will restore health unto you, and I will heal you of your wounds, saith the Lord.”

Isaiah 53:4-5 “Surely He hath borne our griefs (Lit. sicknesses) and carried our sorrows (Lit. pains) yet we did esteem Him stricken, smitten of God and afflicted. But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and by His stripes we are healed.” NOTE – The last part of this verse,“by His stripes we are healed,” is not talking about spiritual healing, as some have taught, but definite physical healing. God does not “heal” a human spirit, he recreates it. He does however, heal our bodies and minds. This clearly shows that your healing was paid for at the cross!

Jeremiah 33:6 “Behold, I will bring you health and cure, and I will cure you, and will reveal unto you the abundance of peace and truth.”

Matthew 18:19 “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on Earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” NOTE – The prayer of agreement is powerful – have someone agree with you for your healing!

Mark 11:24 “Therefore I say to you whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” Surely this includes healing!

Isaiah 58:8 “Thy light shall break forth as the morning, and thy health shall spring forth speedily; and thy righteousness shall go before thee: the glory of the Lord shall be thy rear guard.”

Psalm 41:3 (Amplified Version) “The Lord will sustain, refresh, and strengthen him on his bed of languishing; all his bed You [O Lord] will turn, change, and transform in his illness.” NOTE – I love how the Amplified Bible brings out the fullness of meaning in the original language. The phrase “all his bed” in the Hebrew, has the meaning of; all that he is afflicted with, or all of his condition that he is lying with” It is always His will to turn, change and transform our mourning into dancing – Psalm 30:11

The bible has many more…

God Wants You To Live and Live Well! (Videos) April 16-23, 2010

We would like to offer a series of videos for the purposes of education, encouragement and support.


Metastatic Breast Cancer: Stories of Trials, Perseverance, and Hope.

The Stefanie LaRue Story

3 John 2 (King James Version)

2Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Please pray for Stephanie LaRue and every breast cancer survivor!   PLEASE!!!!

Healed of Breast Cancer (Video) April 15-22. 2010

*** Cafe Sozo does not endorse any Cancer Treatment

This lady mentions a lot of prayer…

Resurrection Day Healing!

From All of us at Cafe Sozo…our prayer is that you and your family will have a Blessed Day!  Now is the time to take a stand in faith and love just like Jesus did!   All the best …and we humbly thank you for stopping by!

“Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” – Matthew 28:5-6

Happy Good Friday! April 2, 2010

With great regard…Cafe Sozo wishes you a Blessed Good Friday!   It is our prayer that you will take the time that is necessary to reflect on the Resurrection message.

Here is some music that will put you in remembrance

You’ve Won My Affection by Israel Houghton

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