The Lord is Gracious! by Elaine Davenport July 31, 2010

Gracious is the LORD, and righteous; yea our God is merciful!  Psalm 116: 5

There isn’t a lot of conversation about God’s graciousness.   Does that mean that we take it for granted?   I surely hope not.

Have you ever found yourself at someone’s home for a special occasion…and you did not know them beforehand?  Well, in that type of circumstance there could be all types of dynamics that could bring that about.    And of course, I do not know about you but even as a humble guest; I often take note of the behavior of the hosts of the home.  Do they go out of their way to be hospitable?  Do they get to know  all of their visitors?  Do they make all of the guests feel at home at all time?  When it’s time to leave; my decision often factors in my being in a comfort zone.  Would any guest who doesn’t know the hosts; ever return again?

Well the answers all depend of the graciousness received.    See, a lot of things can bee faked…but graciousness can not be faked in any way.  It  comes from the heart.   Politeness is certainly a virtue, but it isn’t graciousness.   It’s important that we understand the context of graciousness in our everyday lives…in order to understand God.

My good friend and I were out to lunch and we  met a lady  that was selling some clothes and some jewelry.   It came up in casual conversation. She invited us to come over to her home to look at it.  When we  went, we found her to be extremely hospitable, kind and gracious.  We bought more jewelry  and clothes than we had planned.  But, the most striking thing that I recall was that it left such an impression on us!   We all decided to stay friends.  We had so much in common and we had felt a kinship that was directly related to her graciousness towards us.

The bible explains that God is gracious; but I think too often people do not understand what that means.

God wants us to be guests in His house at any time and we do not have to be invited…we can just come.    His word (look at the passage above says that He is not only gracious…but He’ll make things right at the same time and…He’ll be merciful to us.  It’s a protective compassion and I don’t know about you…but I realize that this is not ordinary.


1. Abounding in grace or mercy; manifesting love, or bestowing mercy; characterized by grace; beneficent; merciful; disposed to show kindness or favor; condescending; as, his most gracious majesty. [1913 Webster]

A god ready to pardon, gracious and merciful. –Neh. ix. 17. [1913 Webster]

So hallowed and so gracious in the time. –Shak. [1913 Webster]

2. Abounding in beauty, loveliness, or amiability; graceful; excellent. [1913 Webster]

Since the birth of Cain, the first male child, . . . There was not such a gracious creature born. –Shak. [1913 Webster]

3. Produced by divine grace; influenced or controlled by the divine influence; as, gracious affections.

Syn: Favorable; kind; benevolent; friendly; beneficent; benignant; merciful. [1913 Webster]


So…I say to you today…please understand who God is and how very important you are to Him!   Only a gracious God could have brought me this far!   He’s a God who has thought of everything!I just want to praise Him!

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