Sickness Can’t Dominate! (Confessions of Healing) by Gene McGuire September 10, 2010

“Blessed the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: Who fogiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases. (Psalm 103:2,3)
COMMENT: One of he Covenant Names of God is Jehovah-Rapha, the God that healeth us. He forgives all our sins, all our faults, all our failures and disobedience. Healing belongs to us as part of the New Covenant. The Greek word for salvation is soteria which means deliverance, safety, soundness and health. Healing is our redemptive right. Therefore, we should refuse to allow sickness to dominate our bodies!
Jesus bore my sins in His body on the tree; therefore I am dead to sin and alive unto God and by His stripes I am healed and made whole. (1 Peter 2:24; Rom. 6:11; 2 Cor. 5:21)
You have given me abundant life. I receive that life through Your Word and it flows to every organ of my body bringing healing and health. (John 10:10; John 6:63)
Heavenly Father, I attend to Your Word. I incline my ears to Your sayings. I will not let them depart from my eyes. I keep them in the midst of my heart, for they are life and healing to all my flesh. (Pro. 4:20-22)
Jesus took my infirmities and bore my sicknesses. Therefore I refuse to allow sickness to dominate my body. The Life of God flows within my bringing healing to every fiber of my being. (Matt. 8:17; John 6:63)
I present my body to God for it is the temple of the LIVING GOD. God dwells in me and HIS LIFE permeates my SPIRIT, SOUL and BODY so that I am filled with the fullness of God daily. (Rom. 12:1,2; John 14:20)
That which God has not planted is dissolved and rooted out of my body in Jesus’ name. First Peter 2;24 is engrafted into every fiber of my being and I am alive with the life of God. (Mark 11:23; John 6:63)
Thank you Father that I have a strong heart. My heart beats with the rhythm of life. My blood flows to every cell of my body restoring life and health abundantly. (Prov. 12:14; 14:30)
Body, I speak the Word of faith to you. I demand that every internal organ perform a perfect work, for you are the temple of the HOLY GHOST; therefore, I charge you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the authority of His Holy Word to be healed and made whole in Jesus’ Name. (Prov. 12:18)
*****From the booklet “God’s Creative Power for Healing” by Charles Capps. It used to be available in Christian Bookstores, but now, if you want a copy, you must call Charles Capps Ministries at 1-877-396-9400 or

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