Keith Green; An Inspiration! by Elaine Davenport Ju;y 15, 2012

Keith Green and his lovely wife Lerissa!

This one article is capable of reaching millions of people.  But, I believe God wants people to be inspired.  Today, He used Keith Green to do that!!

I have a cousin who lives in Georgia.    He has no idea that I am writing this.  B He’s a believer of The Lord Jesus Christ and not ashamed to say it.  He is happily married.  He and his wife have a close bond.   He also is a young man filled with wisdom.  In a recent Facebook post he said:


“Ok Folk! I’m going to need you all to take better care of yourselves! Let’s listen to our Doctors, let the hate of a bad relationship go, take care of that heart of yours, don’t stress the financial  and ease the abuse of the drugs and alcohol. Please!!! I am losing friends and family at an alarming rate! You are not in this alone! We need you! I need you more than you know! So take a deep breath, know that you are loved and let’s grow together! I’m not preaching this is an sincere request because I care very much for you and your family!”

Now, let me say that this is an approach of compassion.  So I pray that you will be inspired just like I was…and spread Keith’s message of Wisdom.  I am sure that he was inspired by God and that He is following God’s word which clearly says:   “Love one another.”    THANK YOU KEITH FOR THE INSPIRATION!!!

You see…I can get preachy, but it isn’t always necessary.  One of the things that leads people into the trap of sickness and disease has to do with poor lifestyle choices.  Or sometimes…we just don’t do anything.  Here is a list of some things that one “could do:

Drink 8 glasses of water per day

Get daily exercise…Walk, swim, get a personal trainer, go to the gym, …do something…get a partner.

Read your Bible (That should be first)

Do not over eat

Eat wisely

Get plenty of rest/sleep/

Me…well, I pray and that way I know what to do…



3John 2

Beloved, I pray that in all things thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.gotta do it.  So there it is…

Fight For Freedom! by Elaine Davenport July 4, 2012

I thank God that we live in a country that believes that people must be free.   I thank God for the many people who fought for our initial freedom and our continued freedoms!   Jesis died on the cross so that we would be free from the law of sin and death, poverty, lack and sickness.   Think about that.  Happy Independence Day!



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