God is worth the work! by Elaine Davenport (Friday, August 10, 2007)

If you’re reading this on whatever date, I’ve prepared this message for you. When God spared my life some years ago, I vowed to work for Him. He’s taught me multitasking well. I am writing almost a month’s messages in advance at four sites because I will be on Spiritual Vacation from August 5th through August 20th, 2007.

I just want to tell you that God put YOU here to do some things. Step up your faith. Put it in high gear! Ignore those who tell you to calm down! I had many detractors around me. When I was really sick, no one said anything to me as they noticed this passion that I had for things of God. BUT, AFTER I GOT HEALED…laugh…they wanted me to stop praising God.   They thought it was too much!  Can you imagine?


It’s not going to happen! God is worth everything that I can possibly do for Him! God comes first!   Can you imagine the look on people’s faces when Jesus comes with the angels with  a mighty shout?  I just pray that no one is shocked, that ALL will come to repentance and to the awareness of the truth!  That’s what God wants.  I have a dear sweet friend who loves the Lord so much that everytime that she says His name she cries and SHE IS NOT FAKING! I only hope to be at that level one day and let it be soon! Make up your mind what you will do for God. Love and Blessings Sister Elaine


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