Don’t be weary! by Elaine Davenport (Monday, September 10, 2007)

I was praying last night. Specifically for the people who come to this Blog. As clear as day, I heard:

Tell them don’t be weary. This is the year of the Open Door but many lack the energy to confess or to be in expectation and they must be!

Years ago, I spoke to a friend of mine Cynthia Johnson a mighty woman of God called to the office of prophet and she said that she learned not to add or subtract words when God speaks. I took that to heart.


Today I went to church and heard practically the same words out of my pastor’s mouth, not the same ones but practically the same ones. I began to laugh! Now God doesn’t have to tell me three times to tell you this.

1. Don’t be weary.

2. This is the Year of the Open Door. (yes 2007)

3. Pull out your confessions of the Word of God and the promises of God and SPEAK THEM.


When I plant my flowers in May, I am expecting them to be beautiful all summer long.

When I order something, I am expecting a package in the mail

When I send in a payment on a bill, I am expecting the account to be credited.

When I loan someone some money and they promise to pay me back on a certain day, I am expecting it.

When I send my children to school and help them with their homework (not by doing it for them) and encourage them to think for themselves, I expect results and that they will mature and grow.

Now, God IS the Creator of all things and He has made some precious promises to me and I expect them. He told me (when I was very ill and troubled) in His Word that He wanted me to prosper and be in health, even as my soul prospered (IIIJOHN 2) and I believed Him, I expected my healing, I confessed His Word and I got my healing.

I didn’t focus on myself many times when I got healed. I didn’t have time. I was too busy serving God by serving others. I never had a chance to ask Him about the Carpel Tunnel, The Positional Vertigo or the horrid stiffness in my legs…He just healed me. PRAISE GOD!

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