Our Healing Library Links…… by Elaine Davenport (Sunday, September 30, 2007)

I began a journey seeking Healing from God some years ago; I received so much more than I asked for! A better way to say it was that I told the Lord (in my kitchen) that if He’d heal my body that I’d work for Him. It was a promise that He honored and I intend to fulfill my end of my promise through eternity.

I had to learn not to be “me focused. To do that I had to do some research; to find out and know what was going on in the Word of God, in the body of Christ and around the world. I needed to reestablish my relationship with God, solidify it and form a “new” world view. Today I offer some links to you to help you to form some of your own:

Parallel Study Bible


All About Jesus


Amplified Bible

Christian News


Rapture Ready

Healing Scriptures

Just a few links. We’ll be adding more each week. Blessings & Love


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