You’re “good enough” to be Healed by Elaine Davenport (Monday, December 31, 2007)


A few years ago, I stayed in the bed for about three days and couldn’t get up. I was depressed even though it had never posed a challenge to me. That’s a fact. Here I was on fire for God, getting to know Him, making God first in my life, building my faith and chained to the bed.

I don’t live alone, so my family filed in one by one to ask if I was okay. My response was a lie: “I just need a little rest.” As I lay there I realized things weren’t going to get better.

Have you heard of a physical assault? Have you heard of verbal abuse? Well, this was spiritual abuse and emotional torture. I had an uninvited guest over who didn’t want to leave. The devil was reminding me of something terrible from my past which wasn’t my fault, but it happened. Not enough to make anyone feel sorry for me, but enough to make someone say: “That wasn’t too smart.” It’s in the past.

Worse than the reminder; the devil had rewrote history and made it sound worse than it truly was. It’s times like that when you have to wake up and take some action.

This kind of torment is a form of fear. Maybe the fear is that someone will find out the secret or just fear that God won’t forgive you. Whatever it is; it’s a lie. Fear is the opposite of faith. God said He’s remember our sins no more and Christ redeemed us believers who have given our lives to him. The bible says if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse
us of all unrighteousness.

The enemy will convince some people that they don’t deserve to be healed because of sin. However, God’s right standing is a free gift that doesn’t have to be earned. I encourage you today to get into the Word of God and make yourself familiar with the promises of God. It will set you free when you know the truth. The bible says so.

P.S. I did get up off the bed by praising God and I “never” let the devil do that to me again!