Name Dropping isn’t always good by Elaine Davenport (Friday, September 28, 2007)

Be careful who you latch onto, or who latches on to you.
In an article not too far back, I wrote about something that I read in a Rebecca Brown book. That does not mean I endorse Rebecca Brown. People came out of the “woodwork” to read what I had to say about her. Apparently there is some controversy surrounding her. I’m not going to discuss that because this is a healing site and that’s a side jouney I won’t take. It’s a distraction. I just wanted to clarify why I mentioned her in one of my writings. Truth be told; I was able to do something for the kingdom with what I found.

One of my prayer warrior friends was a Rebecca Brown fan. I wasn’t. She left a book here for another friend and I asked the Lord in prayer if I should read it. I was surprised at the reply. The Lord sent me to One Chapter and just one only. I read that Chapter which was very unusual and had no curiosity to read further. I gave the Book to my friend and amazingly the book ended up lost. I will indeed seek the Lord for further insights and report that to you at the appropriate time.


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