Do Not Lose Your Hope! October 20, 2012

A great challenge with a heavy load is when sickness and disease present themselves.  But…God can carry the heavy load; all you have to do is ask Him.

I have told this to people and seen them turn around and take the load back.  That does not make any sense…but it’s an individual decision. 

I don’t like loads.  So I give them to God.  I’m helpless on the surface sometimes; but God gives me supernaturasl strength to get things done!  God is just waiting to take them from you.

THE SMITH WIGGLESWORTH DEVOTIONAL USES THIS SCRIPTURE UNDER THE HEADING:  “A FRESH VISION FOR EACH NEW DAY.”   I encourage you to obtain this book if you do not already have it.  n an overflow room people got saved right when they stood up and they got healed in their bodies wherever they needed it.  If you have not completely given yourself to God 100%; then do it today and give your body as a willing vessel to God.  Watcg what He can do; move closer!

Final Thought:  ” “No man can have the Trinity Abiding In him and be the same as he was before.”   Smith Wigglesworth


The God Who Delivers! by Gene McGuire July 29, 2011

“You are my help and my Deliver.” (Psalm 40:17b) 

COMMENT: Twenty-eight years ago I left the insurance industry suffering from depression. While at the lowest ebb of my life, I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior during a long- distance phone call from Ken Walker, my best friend. Weekly visits to a secular psychiatrist were part of my new routine. One day, in a conversation with my “shrink”, I told him that I had received Jesus as my Lord an Savior. He immediately “pooh-poohed” that idea and told me that I was using Jesus as a “crutch”. He indicated that this “Jesus phenomenon” was just an excuse for not taking total responsibility for my own life. I truly wish I knew then what I now know about the Lord. I would have told that gentleman that I truly do depend on Jesus because He is my Provider (Genesis 22:8), my Healer (Exodus 15:26), my Shepherd (Psalm 23:1-3), my Comforter (John 14:16) and much, much more! However my most important relationship with my God is the fact that He is my Savior. (Isaiah 43:11) I have a joy that knows no bounds; after this short life here on earth is over, I will spend eternity with Him in heaven. (By the way, a couple of years later I was led to a Christian practitioner who helped me overcome my malady.)
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Sincerely Yours, Gene McGuire   

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