No More Chemo!! by Elaine Davenport November, 2010

For with God nothing shall be impossible.  Luke 1:  37  Notice the word “with.”   You gotta be with God.  You gotta get close to Him.  You gotta learn how to hear from Him.   You gotta do what He tells you to do.  Get married to God…



I guarantee you that there is someone out there that believes this.  It bothers me that a doctor can tell the person who’d holding on for one last glimmer of hope…that:  “You’re terminal…you’ve got three days to live.” And what follows is that “some” people meet that expectation.

Now you tell  me…”Why does this happen?”   Does it mean that once you get certain diseases and certain symptoms that you can forget it?  No.

Does it mean that if the doctor says you’re going to die …that you will?  No, it doesn’t always mean that.

Notice…that the operative word is you.  It’s up to you to believe.

When I first became a prayer warrior and was going out into the trenches to minister to soldiers wounded on the battlefield…I ran across a rather large group of young adults stricken and greatly afflicted.  The most amazing thing was that out of five of them; only two survived and the two that survived saw miracles!  It’s safe to say that they had extraordinary faith.  In three cases; we came to late to join our faith with those that needed a healing.  One young man was mad at God and closed himself off to any ministering.   Another young woman received a death bed prophecy from her sister that she was going to die.   Right then and there she gave up!   Why anyone could do such a thing to someone so challenged; I cannot understand.  The third person; we were summoned too late and there was far to much that we did not know to help and offer the right kind of prayer,


But…know this…THERE ARE NO IMPOSSIBLE HEALINGS  WITH GOD OR TO GOD!   The only impossible is in people’s minds and hearts and I ask you to join me in praying away ALL OF THAT DOUBT!

God recently healed my dear friend from five treacherous forms of cancer that she had ALL at the same time!  She had recently been under great oppression by her family…they came against her with a force!   She asked all of the prayer warriors to pray that her mouth would be sealed shut in the midst of them.   Though they accused her and tempted her; she kept her mouth shut!  And then the cancer struck…hard!  God removed it without a trace in less than two months; while she was taking chemotherapy!

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